Checking out the view from the reception hall at Icworth House in Bury St Edmunds, England.  Photo by Lauren Giebler.
  At the Howett-Pineau reception

Nathaniel E. Putzig

Senior Scientist
Planetary Science Institute
1546 Cole Boulevard, Suite 120, Lakewood, CO 80401
Adjoint Associate Professor
University of Colorado
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
E-mail: nathaniel @
Office: +1-720-549-8836
Mobile: +1-303-250-7060
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Subsurface radar research

Deputy/US Team Leader for SHARAD, the Shallow Radar onboard Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Project Manager for CO-SHARPS, the Colorado SHARAD Processing System
Selected publications:

Martian CAT scan: Three-dimensional imaging of Planum Boreum with Shallow Radar data. Abstract, poster, and movies from AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, 2012.
SHARAD observations of recent geologic features on Mars. EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting, Nantes, France, 2011.
Imaging the Subsurface Structure of Planum Boreum with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Shallow Radar. Proc. 13th Int. Conf. Ground Penetrating Radar, Lecce, Italy, 2010.
Subsurface structure of Planum Boreum from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Shallow Radar soundings. Icarus 204, 443-457, 2009. See also JPL press release.

Thermophysical research

Analysis of thermal inertia derived from observations by the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES) and the Mars Odyssey Thermal Emission Spectrometer (THEMIS).
MARSTHERM: Thermophysical Analysis Tools for Mars Research, December 2013
See also our global maps of Mars thermal inertia and albedo.
Selected publications:

Thermal behavior and ice-table depth within the north polar erg of Mars. Icarus (in press), 2013
Apparent thermal inertia and the surface heterogeneity of Mars. Icarus, 191, 2007.
Thermal behavior of horizontally mixed surfaces on Mars. Icarus, 191, 2007.
Global thermal inertia and surface properties of Mars from the MGS mapping mission. Icarus 173, 2005.
Mars thermal inertia from THEMIS data. LPSC 35, 2004.

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