Mt. Mestas rock glaciers

Detail of rock glacier on Mt. Mestas

Lunch at rock glacier overlook

Chris discussing the Mt. Mestas rock glacier

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Bruce leading the troops onto the dunes

Scaling the first dune

Lindsey discussing the Great Sand Dunes

Bob running down a dune

Dewey and the Dunes

Wind ripples

Detail of wind ripples

Patch of lighter sand on the Dunes

Lighter material has coarser grain size

Detail of wetted sand showing lighter and darker materials (sunglasses for scale)

Rainbow over South Fork

Construction-induced traffic jam on east side of Wolf Creek Pass

Morning fog at Durango KOA

Woodpecker at Durango KOA

Shiprock volcanic neck and radiating dikes

Bonnie discussing Shiprock geology

Lunch stop and tent drying at Red Mesa Trading Post

Abandoned garage in front of mesa along US 160

Layers in mesa along US 160

Grand Canyon from Desert View overlook

Grand Canyon from Desert View overlook

Grand Canyon from Desert View overlook

Desert View Watchtower at Grand Canyon

Viewing the Grand Canyon from the Watchtower overlook

Bob telling the Grand Canyon story

Than at Grandview overlook

Grandview overlook

Grandview trail overlook

Grandview trail overlook

San Francisco Peaks

Dewey dicussing San Francisco Volcanic Field

Damhnait discussing Rock Mountain Geology

Sunset Crater Volcano

Detail of Sunset Crater Volcano

Bruce pointing out features of Bonito Lava Field

Bonito Lava Field

Bonito Lava Field

Tree on Lava Flow Trail

Gnarled tree roots on Lava Flow Trail

Skyrocket flowers in Sunset Crater cinders

View toward San Francisco Peaks from Lava Flow Trail

Richard at spatter cone vent on Lava Flow Trail

Chris atop spatter cone, Lava Flow Trail

Bruce begins trenching

Chris shoveling cinders

Nate deepening the pit

Anna digging the trench

Layers and roots in the trench wall

Filling in the trench

Cinder Hills

Monica discussing Mars volcanism

Meteor Crater profile

The Crew at Meteor Crater  photo courtesy of Bruce Jakosky

Meteor Crater from north rim (visitor center overlook)

Amanda discussing Meteor Crater geology

Vertical and overturned layers of the Moenkopi Formation

Blocks and ejecta (lighter tones) beyond the crater rim

San Francisco Peaks and Meteor Crater Road from the rim

Meagan discussing impact mechanics

North crater wall layering and structure

East crater wall layering and structure

Richard discussing impact blast and effects

Preety discussing modern-day impact hazards

Hiking the Meteor Crater rim trail

Abandoned mule-operating winch on Crater rim

Meteor Crater from east rim

San Francisco Volcanic Field from Meteor Crater picture window

Painted Desert

Painted Desert

Stuart discussing Painted Desert

Viewing the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary layer

Inspecting the K-T boundary layer

Detail of K-T boundary layer

Nate discussing K-T boundary characteristics

Anna discussing climate effects of K-T impact

Mike discussing possible K-T impact wildfires

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