Workshop Participants  Standing: Devon, Jen, Colin, Melissa, Sarah, Steve, Mike, Tasha, Joe, Jeff, and Frank;  Kneeling: Than, Scott, Shelby, Sarah, Danielle, Pete, Alice, Mindi, Sharon, and Matt.

The Deck House at My Island Bed & Breakfast

Ginger along the Rain Forest Walk, My Island B&B

Coastline at Honu'apo (Whittington Beach Park)

"Mick Jaggar" lava tube debouching into the sea   Honu'apo (Whittington Beach Park)

Overlapping flows seen from Highway 11 overlook

Marching to the sea to see littoral cones

Devon cruising the "toothpaste highway"

Littoral cone boundary layer

Littoral cone silhouette

Panorama over Kilauea Caldera

Halema'uma'u Crater within Kilauea Caldera

Jeff at Southwest Rift

Lava flow covering ashfall in Southwest Rift

Wall of Southwest Rift

Detail of "golden pumice" scoria layer near top of SW Rift wall

Bomb or block sag in SW Rift wall

Probable base-surge crossbedding in SW Rift wall

Planetary Scientists atop the SW Rift wall

Keanakako'i Crater

Matt in Slosh Channel

Recent flows covering Chain of Craters Road

Rest stop tumulus during quest for fresh lava

Detail of recent pahoehoe flow

Devon ascending the pali

Rear guard approaching pali

'A'a overrun by pahoehoe

Overlapping pahoehoe flows showing different textures

The fresh stuff!

Active flow detail

Active pahoehoe toe

Detachment of surface on active flow

"Wow, this is hot stuff!  Take the picture fast!"

Active flow detail

Active flow detail

"Ropey pahoehoe" forming

Yeah, it's hot in there

Flow bordering on 'a'a texture

Collapsed roof of lava tube  Northeast Mauna Loa flows

Colin peering into lava tube  NE Mauna Loa flows

NE Mauna Loa lava tube

Overlapping flows, NE Mauna Loa


Pahoehoe engulfing stone wall near Kipuka Pu'u Huluhulu

Pu'u Kawaiwai cone on flank of Kohala Volcano

Volcanic bomb in cross-section

Rainbow over Waimea from Pu'u Kawaiwai

Panorama showing recent burn area on the Parker Ranch

Dual lava tree mold near Mauna Ulu

Mauna Ulu lava tree mold (planetary scientist for scale)

Airfall "sponge", likely from Pu'u O'o (found on Mauna Ulu)

Coated chunk of lava in Mauna Ulu channel

Coated channel walls, Mauna Ulu

Matt is King of the Mountain  Mauna Ulu Crater rim

Planetary scientists dwarfed by Mauna Ulu Crater

Mindi inspecting collapse pit high on flank of Mauna Ulu

Collapse pit detail

Major lava channel leading toward sea from Mauna Ulu summit area

Plant life gaining a foothold on Mauna Ulu Crater wall

Lava pond on flank of Mauna Ulu (middle distance)

Flows descending pali above Chain of Craters road

Tumuliferous flows below pali

Contorted pahoehoe on pali

Sheet flow on pali

Picking a route on pahoehoe while descending the pali

Pahoehoe "amonite"

Pete on strange tumulus of dual pahoehoe-'a'a nature

Banding in central crack of the "Egg" tumulus.  Freshly broken surface (lower half) shows banding is surficial.

Detail of "Egg" tumulus banding

Inflated pahoehoe fracture

Panorama showing Mike, Mindi, Steve, and Scott inspecting tumulus in lava-rise pit

Pahoehoe Monthly covershot.  I told Jeff to stay away from the open fractures, but did he listen?

Pele's hair (probably airfall from Pu'u O'o)

Sea turtle tragically overtaken by pahoehoe toe

Halema'uma'u Crater overlook

Leis on Halema'uma'u overlook fence

Offerings to Pele at Halema'uma'u

Spatter cones on floor of Kilauea Caldera

3-Jeff-high spatter cone

Detail of spatter cone wall

Sulfur and oxides in highly altered zone of Kilauea Caldera

Sulfur crystals

Sulfur, oxides, and evaporites

Evaporites around gas vent

Highly altered zone adjacent vents and spatter cones in Kilauea Caldera

Panorama of flow covering Keanakako'i ash flow

"Duricrust" atop Keanakako'i ash

"Duricrust" detail

Broken "duricrust" detail

Danielle and "her" collapse pit

Controversial gravel hiatus adjacent to lava flow

Subaqueous deposition upon entry into a standing body of water -  That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Entrance to Thurston Lava Tube

Interior of Thurston Lava Tube

Lava "trickles" in Thurston Lava Tube

Mindi inspecting the rift at Mauna Iki

Spatter coating Mauna Iki rift zone

Mindi check out Mauna Iki rift spatter cone

Spatter cone detail

Mauna Iki spatter cone

Mindi not minding the gap

Mindi strolling along on a Mauna Iki "toothpaste" channel

Abandoned bee or wasp condos on Mauna Iki

Jeff skirting edge of lava tube collapse pit on Mauni Iki

Colin overlooking Mauna Iki lava tube collapse pit

Apparent in-place flow (lower-center) within lava tube

Detail of apparent in-place flow in lava tube.  Note inclusion of collapse blocks in flow.

Colin and Mindi spelunking in collapsed lava tube

Jeff and Mindi spelunking in collapsed lava tube

Mindi inspecting flows on floor of Mauna Iki summit crater

Post-workshop dolphin sighting in Kealakekua Bay

Jeff searching for Flipper in Kealakekua Bay

Dolphin-chaser in Kealakekua Bay.  Very poor dolphin etiquette.

Spider found guarding our gear stash in Kealakekua Bay

Matt and some long-suffering trees at Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay

North shore of Kealakekua Bay

Matt pointing the way to Tahiti atop Captain Cook Point lighthouse

Jeff joining Matt for a lighthouse look-see

Matt timing his exit from the surf  Double-secret black sand beach

Matt wrestling his kayak in the swash zone  Double-secret black sand beach

Matt abandoning the paddle for fast footwork  Double-secret black sand beach

Beached kayaks with Jeff and Matt  Double-secret black sand beach

Proverbial secluded black sand beach in undisclosed location

View of Mauna Kea and telescopes from Akaka Falls road

Bamboo forest at Akaka Falls State Park

Tree overun with large-leaf vines at Akaka Falls State Park

Banyan tree trunk at Akaka Falls State Park

Cone-shaped flower at Akaka Falls State Park

Akaka Falls

Kahuna Falls

Matt at Laupahoehoe County Park

Panorama of Waipio Valley

Hilo monkeypod trees

Matt ascending the monkeypod tree

Matt peddling air

Matt in the monkeypod tree.  Evolution sure has come a long way, hasn't it?

Aloha from the Big Island!

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